You should be buying complete courses.

Complete Course Market
Buying complete courses has never been easier. Don’t buy your study guides individually and waste money and time. Buying complete courses provides you with all the material you will need to get through your class. The complete courses can be accessed by clicking on the menu at the top or the sidebar on the right. All courses are offered by Homework Mountain and are guaranteed to provide you with quality educational material that conforms to APA standards.

Why should you buy complete courses?

Complete courses are comprehensive study guides that provide you with excellent examples of what you be expected to write or solve. When you buy a complete course you save large amounts of money because the complete course is typically much lower in cost than buying assignments and discussion questions individually. Most quality complete courses will cost between $30 and $60 dollars. If you decide to purchase items individually then you will pay this much just purchasing the assignments discussion questions. There is another advantage to buying complete courses and that is follow-up service. Any reputable tutor will provide assistance to students who have purchased a complete course. This means that if something is missing the tutor will provide you with a new study guide. This is also good reason to spend a little extra on tutorials because anyone selling really inexpensive tutorials will not assist you if there is an item missing. Homework Mountain will assist any student with missing items free of charge. With the way classes change all the time, it makes sense to purchase a complete course with this guarantee.

All complete courses come with a guarantee that if any assignment is missing or different from what you need then Homework Mountain will fix the issue free of charge. All changes to material requires 72 hour notice.

How to earn money selling study guides.

Affiliate with a leader in selling study guides.

So you are considering selling study guides and you want to know how to get involved in this great market. Entering this business appears to be simple enough. The thought that most people have is that I will sell my old school work or put up a blog or website gear for helping students. The problem is that this is only one part of the marketing approach. The part that most people do not realize is that you need an enormous number of products in order to make money. That is where Homework Mountain can assist you.

Homework Mountain has thousands of study guides with great resale strength. If you are planning on opening your own tutorial website or if you are running an education website then you should consider using our used material. It takes years of writing to create the amount of content needed to sell study guides in bulk. You need multiple subjects and you need many different courses to choose. This is to say nothing of the tremendous hours you will spend building web pages and blogs attempting to sell material. Rather than spending hundreds hours building products and performing web work you should use our material. By using Homework Mountain material you can spend more time working with students and tutoring.

How to Sell Homework Mountain Study Guides
Homework Mountain offers a simple system for selling study guides which can reduce your workload with building products. All you need to do is go to and go to any product page. Be sure that you go to a product page because these are the only pages that can be tracked for sales.

Once on the page click on the Earn Money Tab located on the right side of the page.

Affiliate Picture For Add on Websites2
Enter your PayPal Email address into the box.

Affiliate Picture For Add on Websites3

Once you have entered your email, the box will provide you with a personal link.

Affiliate Picture For Add on Websites4

For every product you would like to obtain a link, you will need to go to the specific product page on Homework Mountain and perform this same procedure. Whenever someone uses the link you will be paid 32% of the cost of the product. (Excluding discounts from coupons and other promotions.)

Ways to use the links.
There are many different ways to use links but the most effective means are to embed them into a blog or website which has relevant content. For instance, if you have an accounting blog you may wish to use and accounting link. For tutors, this can save you a tremendous amount of time by allowing you to share links with students for simple easy answers.

Another means of using these links is to share them with your friends on social media channels. Facebook and Twitter have proven to be good outlets for sharing. Do not post the links in special forums such as schools. The links will just be removed causing a waste of time.

The Don’ts
1. Do not create webpages filled with links because search engines will kick you out of their ratings. Being penalized by search engines can take weeks sometimes months to fix.
2. Do not post links in places that have nothing to do with the study guide. Posting links in places such as forums which have nothing to do with the particular study guide you have will result in a waste of time and they will probably be removed.
3. Do not send out mass emails with lists of links. This will only get you spammed and cause your links to be invalidated.
4. Do not just simply copy the directions and post it because this content is used constantly and will do nothing for searches. You will need to add something unique to the directions if you do this.

Here is a sample post using a link properly.

BIO 101 Complete Course
BIO 101 is an entry level biology course that is designed to teach students about numerous topics. Some of the topics taught in this course include: evolution, scientific methods, basic chemistry, inheritance patterns, and many other concepts. Many students find biology a difficult subject matter. If you need help with your BIO 101 course please click here to purchase your study guide.Study Guide Button

The sample posting above is the best method of selling. You may wish to add more content overtime to keep your posting fresh in search engines.

Now that you understand the Homework Mountain affiliate system you can now start selling. Working together ensure that Homework Mountain and you will be successful. Any questions you might have about the links or embedding please do not hesitate to contact

Terms and Conditions
If you use the links to sell products do not represent yourself as Homework Mountain. If you do this we will demand that you remove your links and we will invalidate them.
If we find that you are engaging in spam whether it is in email or on websites we will invalidate your links.
Homework Mountain will invalidate your links if you appear to be using them in any way which is fraudulent or negligent.
By requesting links on the Homework Mountain site you have accepted these terms and conditions