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Welcome to the Essay Assassin, complete course market. This site is designed for serious students who know what they need. On this site you will find “complete courses” or “course packages” that will include all assignments or all discussion questions. These packages are designed for students who know what they need pass a course.

Classes are listed on the menu by school. Please take a moment to read the description of the course you are purchasing because there are no refunds. If you are not familiar with the class and you are not sure what to buy please message me at Homework Mountain.

The Complete Course Guarantee

So you bought a new course and there was something missing. Don’t worry, if you purchase a complete course and it is missing any assignment or discussion question, I will create the missing item for free. Just provide the directions of the missing item e.g. syllabus and you will get a new study guide. You will need to give me at least 72 hours notice. 

Please excuse my mess! This site is still under construction. If you do not see what you need go to Homework Mountain.